how to start a blog for free

If you don’t know how to start a blog for free so don’t worry in this blog we teach you how to start blogging in simple steps.

Let us show you How To Start A Blog For Free today

Blogging is becoming very popular all over the world. In today’s time, every second person is present on the online platform. Whether it is social media, Facebook, Twitter or Google or Yahoo. Through blogging, you convey your thoughts or thoughts to everyone. And some people use blogging to make their products and services accessible to everyone.

Blogging is not difficult, but for this, it is very important for you to have some skills without which you cannot start blogging. Today we will talk about this and tell you how you can start blogging. Some people have lots of inquiries regarding blogging, like how to start a blog for free. Just how much will it set you back to set up a blogging site?

It is very important for you to have these skills to start blogging: –

  1. Content Writing
  2. Research
  3. Web Development
  4. Programming
  5. Photo Editing
  6. SEO
  7. SMO
  8. Search Engine Technicalities
  9. Marketing
  10. Analytics

It is very important for you to have all these skills, and all these are not very difficult, this is the basic skill that you will use when you can start blogging. You will find many such study materials on YouTube for free, where you can learn them well and start blogging.

Now we will talk about how to start a blog step by step

  • Knowing the purpose of blogging

Before starting blogging, we have to know our objective. That is why we have to do blogging by creating a website. What do we want through blogging?

For instance, if a person is a plumbing technician and also he wishes to discover on-line customers, then his goal is to offer this service. An additional example is a person taking a trip a whole lot, and also he wants to inform individuals regarding those places, after that the function of that person is to spread out news and also recognition. Similarly, if you’re interested in knowing exactly how to start a blog for free, you have to understand your function, why you have to start blogging, and what you want from it.

  • Where to make a website for blogging

When our objective is met, then our second step is where to make a website.

To address this inquiry, you should initially see your budget and also how much cash you can invest in the beginning. If you are a student, after that you will have the exact same concern in your mind exactly how to start a blog for free? So first, I will tell you about start a blog for free. After that, we will know how to make a good blog by spending money.

You will find many free blogging platforms, such as Weebly, Mystrikingly, Blogger, and Wix, on which you can create your blog for free. Out of all these platforms, Blog writer is made use of around the world since it comes from Google. So, if you think me, after that Blogger will be the best for you. On this, you also get themes for free. You just have to design your blog by following some normal steps, and after that, you have to put content in it. I hope now you know how to start a blog for free.

Now let’s talk about how to make a professional blogging website by spending money. For this, you will need a domain name and hosting. You can take a domain name similar to your business name or whatever you like. And you have to look for hosting where you get a good space and a high-speed server.

Some new bloggers initially take cheap hosting due to a lack of knowledge, and then later, they face problems. The problem with cheap hosting is that when traffic starts coming to your website, then the hosting server gets down, due to which the website is closed, and the user is affected badly. If your hosting is good and fast, then you will get ease in doing SEO as well.

Now after taking domain hosting, you have to connect both and design the website.

  • Designing Your Blog Website

After buying a domain and hosting, you have to design your website. Before that, it is very important that what kind of website you have to design and which pages you have to keep in them. For this, you will find millions of such websites on Google, which provide a lot of pre-designed website templates for free. From here, you will get an idea that you will see your website.

Now after this, the next step comes to which platform you have to make the website WordPress or HTML and PHP. If you do not know programming, then you can create your website on WordPress because creating a website in WordPress is very easy. In this, you only need to know some plugins.

To know more about WordPress, there are many such videos on YouTube in which you have been told about website designing from start to end. Still, if you do not want to design your website, then you can contact any freelancer who will design your website at very low charges.

  • Preparing content for blogging

If you are also serious about starting a blog website, then this part of this blog is most important for you. It is said in the world of blogging that “Content is King”, so it is very important to have fresh content on any website. While writing content for the website, first of all, you have to come out with some topics which are similar to your blogging website. After that, you have to do keyword research (about which we will talk further), and in the last, you have to write content on that topic.

For example, I take mine. My main topic is “How to start a blog” After that, I found some similar keywords, and then I told you a complete step-by-step about that topic.

Keep these precautions while writing content for a blog:

  1. Investigate
  2. Steer clear of copying
  3. Stick to the subject matter
  4. Ensure correct language usage
  5. Maintain readability
  6. Offer useful information
  7. Encourage reader interaction
  • Start Your Blog Promotion and make your website SEO friendly

Now your website is ready, and you have put content on it. Now you have to start promoting your blogging website.

For this, you have to follow some steps

First of all, do SEO of the website by following these steps

  1. Now you make your website SEO friendly so that your website gets indexed on big search engines like Google and Yahoo. Because without indexing, your website will not appear on any search engine.
  2. In SEO, first of all, you have to set the meta of the website and each page. In meta, you have to put the title and description as well as og tag and Twitter tag.
  3. Now you have to check the density and placement of keywords in the written content. Then you can put keywords wherever you need them.
  4. If you are doing local SEO, then you will also have to apply Schema. You will get all these features inside a single plugin in WordPress. And if there is a website of HTML or PHP, then you will have to enter all these tags manually.

Share your website on social media

  1. Currently you need to share your site on social media sites, which you can utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter and also LinkedIn.
  2. You need to create a page on all these with the name of your website, after that after that, share your internet site page there.
  3. Together with this, a community has likewise to be developed on social networks to ensure that the web content of your site gets to as lots of people as possible.
  4. Now you need to sign up with some teams related to your business where you can share your blog sites and rise interaction.
  • Build an audience for your blog

When you promote your blog site through social media sites and search engine optimization, then you will certainly get a lot of web traffic from it. Now all you need to do is to place a signup form on your website in which the individual can enter his email and name. With this, you will certainly get a list of your target market.

Now whenever you want to give a new blog or any information or services related offered on your website, then you can tell all of them through an email. With this, your return visit rate will also be very good, and the trust of the user will also be built.

What are the benefits of building an email list for a blogging website?

  1. Clear Communication
  2. Boosted Traffic
  3. Enhanced Engagement
  4. Improved Conversions
  5. Meaningful Observations

You can adhere to many techniques of engagement with your customers, such as by asking some inquiries in the middle of the blog site or by replying to the remarks they have made on your blog. As a result of this, the individual will obtain a correct reaction. You can also take comments and also suggestions concerning your content from them, which will be great for you as well.

  • Make money from a blog

Everyone starts blogging, but the biggest issue is figuring out how to make money from Blogging. Now we will tell you in which ways you can earn money from your blogging website.

So first of all, know that there are so many ways by which you can earn:

A.) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has become very popular in today’s time. People also earn a good income from this. In this, you just have to promote some products and sell them. In return, you get a good commission. There are many huge sites like and Flipkart which give you a good commission on the sale of products and services. Aside from this, you can also sell holding, or the solutions of a business, in return for which they give you some money.

B.) Advertising

Many people want to know how to start a blog however they do not recognize just how to earn a lot of money from a blog without doing effort. Advertising is such a way where you will not have to sell any product of any company. You just have to bring traffic to your website, and in return, this advertising company gives you money per click on their ad. Whose Google Adsense, if you place an ad on your website through it, then Google gives you some amount per click. There are many other platforms like this whose ads you can put on your website.

C.) Sponsored Content

In this, you have to publish the content written by the people on your website, and in return, they give you money. But this will be possible only when your website is very popular. If your site is brand-new, then no person would like to publish their web content on it. As a result, firstly, you have to boost the credibility of your internet site. Afterwards, you can earn money with it.

D.) Sale Digital Products

If you know how to start a blog then you need to recognize how to sale items due to the fact that some companies have their own electronic products, such as a course or bundles. All you have to do is market the digital items of these companies, as well as in return, they will provide you money. Here you get a very good amount of selling digital products.

E.) Sale Services

There are many companies that are service base, and they sell services, so you can earn good money by joining their affiliate program. This company can be in any sector. Suppose there is a hotel website, then you will have to book rooms and their services for it as much as possible, and in return, it will give you money.

Final Words

In this blog we saw how to start a blog for free and for this we do not require to invest a great deal of cash. If you are likewise curious about blogging, after that now you can certainly embrace it as your occupation. However, becoming a successful blogger requires time, hard work and enthusiasm. Hope you got the right information from this blog and you too got inspired to start your blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog?

A blog is a site where you can publish material and share your ideas, point of views, or experiences on a certain topic.

How do I start a blog for free?

A cost-free blog site can be created by using a blog writing platform such as WordPress, Blogger, or Wix and also Develop a totally free account on it, pick a style, as well as start releasing content.

What are the benefits of starting a blog?

Starting a blog site can aid you in establishing yourself as an authority in your area, connecting with others that share your passions, increasing your web existence, and even making money.

Do I need any technical skills to start a blog?

No, no technical knowledge is required to establish a blog. The majority of blogging systems are straightforward as well as easy to use, permitting anyone to effortlessly develop as well as submit material.

Can I make money from my blog?

Yes, you may make money from your blog by monetizing it with affiliate advertising, funded material, and advertising and marketing.

How can I promote my blog?

To advertise your blog, share your content on a social networks system like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, visitor message on other blog websites, and sign up with on-line teams associated with your particular niche.

How do I come up with ideas for my blog posts?

You can establish blog post suggestions by brainstorming subjects connected to your specific niche, checking out prominent keywords as well as fads, as well as responding to visitor concerns.

How do I attract readers to my blog?

To bring in viewers to your blog site, develop high-quality web content, maximize your blog posts for search engine optimization, advertise your web content on social media, as well as connect with your target market.

How long does it take to start a blog?

Setting up an account and also choosing a theme for a blog site might be carried out in a matter of minutes. Quality content development and audience development, on the other hand, involve effort and time.

What should I write about on my blog?

Write on topics associated with your abilities or hobbies. Try to include value to your target market by providing interesting, enjoyable, or motivating material.

How do I measure the success of my blog?

Metrics like web traffic, involvement, as well as conversion prices can aid you identify the efficiency of your blog site. Use Google's totally free tools, Analytics, to track the efficiency of your blog site site.

How do I deal with negative comments or criticism on my blog?

Respond to negative comments or criticism in a respectful and professional manner. Profit from the opportunity to improve your content and communication with your audience by learning from feedback.

Can I collaborate with other bloggers or websites?

You can collaborate with other blog writers or web sites by guest blog writing, trading web links, or taking part in collective campaigns or events.

How do I protect my blog's content from plagiarism or theft?

To secure your blog site's web content from copying or theft, use copyright notices, watermarks, or digital civil liberties monitoring solutions. You can additionally report any intellectual property violations to the ideal authorities.

Do I need to disclose any sponsored content on my blog?

You should disclose any sponsored content on your site to guarantee transparency and avoid legal difficulties. Use labels or disclaimers to alert your viewers to any sponsored content or affiliations.

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